Growing up, I always had a tendency to feel bad for every little thing. My mom spilled her coffee, I felt bad. A girl tripped on the street, I felt bad. My brother didn’t get the last cookie, I felt bad. Even though I have been told a million times to try and let go of this feeling, it never really went away. Fast forward to today, we live in a world where the majority of our decisions contribute to damaging our planet. I can no longer handle the feeling I get every time I buy a polyester tank or a coffee in a disposable cup. I am tired of excuses. So, this is me, trying my best to incorporate my love of fashion in a way that does not harm the planet. Everything is made by me, with a deep care for our planets well-being in every step of the process. From the yarn I use, to the shipping boxes. My dream is to be able to help in a bigger way, but for now, this will have to do.


Why Kunst?

Kunst Studioet translates to Art Studio in Norwegian. As a child, I was always drawn to the arts. My friends wanted to be a hair stylist when they grew up, I wanted to be an author or an artist. Why? Because then I could sleep in of course! Now I realize that being a creative is pretty much the opposite from getting enough sleep, but I still love it. When my grandma passed away, my aunt showed me a book she got from her, pictured was a drawing of a toilet which was explained with “Art can be anything”. It really stuck with me. If you look close enough, I believe you will find beauty everywhere, and I am living my life as if.

I could write a whole book on my love for art, but I would rather live it, show it, and experience it. This is for my grandma. Hi Granny, you always were and still are my biggest inspiration!

Yours Truly, Karoline